Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Chris Brown's New Mystery Court Hearing
The only thing Chris will look forward to if he goes to jail is watch his favorite show on youtube, whitch is the "Stupid Mario Brothers" on youtube. 6. ...

Usher apologizes for his critique of Chris Brown's Jet-Ski pics
We appreciated Usher speaking out about the photos of Chris Brown cavorting around Miami in the midst of his reconciliation with Rihanna: "I'm a little ...

Is The Story Of LeAnn's Infidelity A Set-Up???
X17 XCLUSIVE - Chris Brown's Bodyguard Attacks A Fan! After a fan and his son snapped this pic, Chris' bodyguard got violent! The Circus singer relaxes by ...

Rihanna Won't Testify Against Chris Brown: MediaBytes with Shelly ...
According The Sun, Rihanna will not testify against Chris Brown. However, California law allows prosecutors to charge him anyway and TMZ is reporting that ...

The CrackBerry Chronicles: Luck o' the Irish Edition
If Willie Brown writes about a party in his column but doesn't post any pictures and/or an embarrassing video on YouTube, then it's not really a party. ...

Tina Davis is Revealed as Chris Brown's Mystery Woman
In the latest round of Chris Brown news, another piece of the puzzle has been revealed. Celebrity news sources, including TMZ , have reported that Brown's manager, Tina Davis , has been identified as the woman behind the now-infamous three-page text message that led to the violent incident with girlfriend Rihanna .

South Carolina's Garcia ready to play this spring
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -It's been a unique spring practice so far for Stephen Garcia.

Five Zinger Discount
Can you guess who? His full name, allegedly, is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. He might have three wives, he considers himself to be Sunni, and he has served an indeterminable prison sentence for an indeterminable felony.

//Behind The Scenes: Keri Hilson Explains The Kanye West-Featured Make Love Video//
The count down is on for the release of Keri Hilsons debut album, In A Perfect World If youre not keeping up, the album comes out March 24 which makes that six more days. Keri is still hyped for the release and shes making sure the fans stay hyped with her by keeping us in the [...]

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